August 11, 2022

China accuses US of double standards over relations with Taiwan and Ukraine


China accused the United States of double standards at the United Nations on Friday for challenging Beijing’s sovereignty over Taiwan while emphasizing the principle of sovereignty for Ukraine after Russian forces invaded.

A day after Chinese leader Xi Jinping warned US President Joe Biden in a phone call against playing with fire over Taiwan, deputy UN Ambassador Geng Shuang reinforced the message during a meeting on Ukraine at the 15-member UN Security Council.

“While some country has repeatedly emphasized the principle of sovereignty over the issue of Ukraine, it has incessantly challenged the sovereignty of China over Taiwan, and even deliberately created tension in the Taiwan Strait,” Geng said, a clear reference to the United States without naming it.

Russia describes its Feb. 24 invasion of neighboring Ukraine as a “special military operation” to root out dangerous nationalists, but Kyiv and the West say it is an unprovoked war of aggression.

The determination of China to defend its national sovereignty and territorial integrity should not be underestimated, Geng said. “I hope the country concerned will see this clearly and not play with fire.”

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