December 5, 2022

From war to work: How Ukrainian refugees are integrating Europe’s workforce


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PEOPLE & PROFIT © FRANCE 24 More than five million Ukrainian refugees have fled the country since Russia’s invasion, and many are seeking jobs in host countries throughout Europe. The Tent Partnership for Refugees has launched a new initiative, which aims to integrate displaced Ukrainian women into the workforce in the EU. Dozens of major European corporations have signed on to the Sunflower Project.

Veronica Rossini, Director of the Tent Partnership for Refugees, says “I hope that what we’re seeing now is setting a blueprint for future refugee crises to come, and that instead of being the outlier, this becomes the way that Europe supports and welcomes all refugees, regardless of where they’re from.” 

Also in the show, the Japanese yen has fallen to its weakest level in decades. Will the government intervene, and what does it mean for businesses? Louis Belin, Ryusuke Murata and Justin McCurry report from Tokyo.

And could the next frontier of manufacturing be in outer space? Welsh firm Space Forge is hoping to launch an orbiting factory in the next decade.

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