August 10, 2022

Film show: George Miller conjures up ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’


/ Shows / Encore! Issued on: 20/07/2022 – 15:17


ENCORE! © France 24 Idris Elba is the genie in a bottle in this tale of tales, starring alongside Tilda Swinton in George Miller’s latest fantastical movie. Film critic Lisa Nesselson tells us why despite its charms, “Three Thousand Years of Longing” failed to grant her cinematic wishes.

We also discuss the sprawling family saga “Leila’s Brothers”, which provides a multi-layered view of Iranian society and a compelling study of family dynamics. The films of Mike Nichols have been restored and re-released for a new generation here in France. Finally, we check out an exhibition that shines a light on the enchanting features of Jean Painlevé with bats, octopi and seahorses in the starring roles.

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