September 30, 2022

Can Putin go it alone? Russia ups ante as world leaders meet at UN


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THE DEBATE © FRANCE 24 How does a Russia in retreat read the room at the United Nations General Assembly? On the day that world leaders gather in New York for UN Week, Vladimir Putin’s proxies are unveiling plans for hastily-staged referendums to annex conquered parts of Ukraine that are now under assault from a counter-attack.  

How does this change the course of the war and the best efforts by struggling developing nations, which need discounted Russian oil at a time of skyrocketing energy prices as well as the grain exports facilitated by a UN-brokered deal?

At what point can the world ignore an unprovoked invasion and the mounting evidence of war crimes committed on the Kremlin’s watch? We ask our panel about how those world leaders feel about mass graves. Did last week’s regional summit in Uzbekistan signal a turning point, where the likes of India and China made it clear that Putin’s campaign in Ukraine is bad for business? More broadly, what’s the UN’s role at this crucial juncture?

Produced by Charles Wente, Aline Bottin and Imen Mellaz. 

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