August 12, 2022

Women in Afghanistan gradually disappearing from public life


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FRANCE 24 speaks to a woman in Afghanistan, whose rights have been vastly eroded since the Taliban took back control of the country in August 2021. © FRANCE 24 Women in Afghanistan are slowly disappearing from public life, a year after the Taliban retook control of the country and imposed a rigorous version of Islamic Sharia law. FRANCE 24’s Shahzaib Wahlah and Sonia Ghezali report from Kabul. 

Deprived of education, forced to wear the full veil, banned from politics and the media, women are gradually disappearing from public life in Afghanistan.  The Taliban regime has put in place a rigorous version of Islamic Sharia law that leaves no room for women, who make up more than half of the population. 

A civil servant who spoke to FRANCE 24 on condition of anonymity says she has become little more than a shadow. Her husband is seriously ill and she was the sole breadwinner. 

“I liked my work, I could offer a good education to my children. But when they arrived I was forced to stay at home. And they cut my salary. I believe that the Taliban are the same as they were before. It is a dark regime.”

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